Coffee Break: Fingerless Gloves

cashmere fingerless glovesThese fingerless gloves are awesome. In the past I’ve had mittens that folded over your fingers (like these Kate Spade ones) and wore them because, while childish, they were very functional for touchscreens and more. These pictured fingerless gloves add a TON more style while sacrificing just a tiny bit of warmth — and you won’t have the top part flapping around.  They’re $49 and available in six colors (several exclusively online at Ann Taylor). Cashmere Fingerless Gloves


#FirstSevenJobs: What Were Yours?

firstsevenjobsThere’s a meme going around about your #firstsevenjobs — so I thought it might be a fun thing to discuss. (A lot of celebrities and business leaders have answered, including Sheryl Sandberg, Buzz Aldrin, Stephen Colbert, and more.)  My own answers kind of highlight my upper middle class youth, I guess — there aren’t many paid jobs in there! Still, it’s nice to look back on them and remember…

Ladies, what were your first seven jobs? What can you learn by looking back at them? (I included “unpaid internships where I had a boss” in my list — these days a similar position would have to be paid!)

1. (Paid) Lifeguard / Swimming Instructor, age 15-19

I loved swimming when I was a kid, and took pretty much any swimming class they had to offer.  Synchronized swimming, lifeguarding, sure! Right after I finished my lifeguarding class they were opening a new pool in my hometown and had signs up everywhere to apply to be a lifeguard — so I applied.  I did the interview in my JV tennis uniform (an early WTH moment in interview attire, I’m sure) and started work a month or two before I turned 16.  My memory may be a bit wonky here, but — in my memory we had problems getting the chlorine mix quite right, and from time to time would have to clear the pool and open the pool deck doors to let fresh air in.  Because it was winter, the cold, crisp Ohio air would mix with the warm, humid air of the natatorium, and create an instant fog — some of my best memories from that time period are climbing up on a lifeguard stand and feeling like I was sitting on top of clouds.

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Splurge Monday’s Workwear Report: Milena Sheath Dress

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

dvf-purple-dress2Happy Monday! This azure blue dress caught my eye because it looks classic and refined, but still has a touch of sass in there.  I love those darts along the bodice, and call me crazy, but it’s nice to see full length sleeves. The dress is $398, at Nordstrom and at DvF (where it’s available in black as well, and — ooh, shown belted with an obi). Diane von Furstenberg Milena Fitted Crepe Sheath Dress

On the more affordable side of things, this $59 dress or this $99 dress look great; this plus size dress or this plus size dress are similar, as well.

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Weekend Open Thread

crisscross-sweater-2Something on your mind? Chat about it here.

The skinny jean/pant trend seems just as strong as ever, with a ton of faux leather options (I’ve even seen multiple pairs of maternity leather leggings!), and this cool relaxed sweater seems like the perfect thing to wear with them. It’s on trend with the side slits, the crisscross neckline, and the bell sleeves, but it also just seems flattering and comfortable to wear. (I also like that it’s hand washable instead of dry clean only!) The sweater is $98, available at Nordstrom (four colors) and Zappos (two colors). Free People Crisscross Sweater

This $29 tee looks great if you’re in a warmer climate or prefer layers. On the plus side of things, Charlotte Russe has a ton of strappy tops, dresses, jumpsuits and more, and I like the vibe of this $44 strappy sweater in sizes 0x-4x.

P.S. Don’t forget that we’re talking about the movie Working Girl on November 1! It’s available for streaming on Netflix (or DVD), from your local library, and on Amazon Video. Did you catch our discussion of 9 to 5 earlier this week?


Weekly News Update

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  • The New York Post shares the life story of Ann Lowe, the dseigner of Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress. While Lowe died “broke and unknown” at 82, her gowns are now featured at the National Museum of African American History and Culture in D.C. and will be displayed at the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology.
  • The Business of Fashion looks at three startups that are filling in “the white space” in the market — including maternity wear and plus-size fashion.
  • The Guardian reports on a recent study from McKinsey & Company and and refers to other research that shows workplace bias against women and other factors that limit their success. One finding: “women were three times more likely to have personal networks mostly made up of women, which probably compounded their lack of exposure to the power players and decision makers at work — because those people are vastly, disproportionately male.”
  • Sallie Krawcheck, CEO and co-founder of Ellevest, writes at LinkedIn that the biggest mistake women make at work is to expect it to function like school — that they’ll find success if they work hard and “get an A.”
  • The New York Times has advice on having better conversations and making stronger connections.
  • Also from The New York Times: a roundup of notetaking apps, including Noteshelf, LectureNotes, and Evernote.
  • The blogger behind Science of Mom, who has had five miscarriages (and two babies), shares several things in The New York Times that she wishes she’d known before her pregnancy losses.
  • The New York Times’ Well Family looks at the reality of IVF success for women in their 40s.
  • In Corporette news, Kat was recently interviewed by Paysa’s blog for its Expert Interview Series.
  • Don’t forget: We’re talking about the movie Working Girl on November 1! It’s available for streaming on Netflix (or DVD), from your local library, and on Amazon Video.

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Frugal Friday’s Workwear Report: Scuba Pencil Skirt

Our daily workwear reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

seamed-scuba-skirt-loft-2Reader W writes in to recommend this skirt, noting: “It’s simple and elegant with vivid color choices, beautiful red and teal for the fall. The seams on the side give a flattering fit. The fabric is soft, drapes well and does not seem to wrinkle easily. And it’s lined and in both regular and petite sizes.” Nice! It’s available in straight and “curvy” versions in regular, petite, and tall sizes for $69.50 (full price), available online exclusively at Seamed Scuba Pencil Skirt

Update: The “curvy” style is now 40% off with code GAMEON, and the straight style is 40% off (same code) with an extra 60% off the online-only navy.

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